Walter Tießler - Im Stab von Rudolf Heß - Buch

Walter Tießler - Im Stab von Rudolf Heß - Buch
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Walter Tießler - Im Stab von Rudolf Heß - Buch

The never-before-published memoirs of Reich Reichsleiter to personalities of contemporary history and events in the inner sphere of power of the Third Reich open fascinating insights on the years 1933 to 1945. Walter Tießler (1903-1984), since 1922 National Socialist, was in an important role in the "Staff of the Deputy of the leader "Rudolf Hess as liaison officer to the Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and later Governor-General Hans Frank in Krakow. In retrospect - returning home from captivity - he remembers his political life from the prison cell. Coming from a humble background, he seeks political orientation, including among the Communists - even when he is already a member of the NSDAP. Open to the problems of the time, he attacks the party leadership in the "Brown House" in Munich, but can not be silenced by the Party Reason. Tießler is excluded, resumed, is directed with submissions about aberrations directly to Adolf Hitler. His interesting description of the inner Party operation, of intrigues and jealousies of the National Socialists and Magistrates up to the Reich Cabinet, the functioning of the often competing structure of the Nazi government apparatus and their advantages and disadvantages become clear. The liaison man to Dr. Goebbels

288 p., Many b / w. Fig., Born.

in large format.

Language German

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