Otto Kumm - Die 7. SS-Gebirgs-Division „Prinz Eugen“ im Bild - Buch

Otto Kumm - Die 7. SS-Gebirgs-Division „Prinz Eugen“ im Bild - Buch
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Otto Kumm - Die 7. SS-Gebirgs-Division „Prinz Eugen“ im Bild - Buch

After the establishment of a new SS Division from members of the German ethnic groups in the Banat, Transylvania and Hungary had been approved in the spring of 1942, the recruitment measures for the division "Prinz Eugen" began. By February 1944, more than 22,000 volunteers - more than 90 percent of them Volksdeutsche - volunteered for use against partisans in the area of ​​Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia. The association was organized as a mountain division, equipped with the most modern weapons and partially motorized. The present illustrated book shows all phases of the history of the division, from the convocation and training to the combat missions in the partially difficult gorges of the Balkans, in the Karst mountains and in the southern Alpine foothills. The plant shows large equipment in operation, the grenadiers on the march, while raging torrential mountain streams, in the fight on pass roads, high plateaus and hideouts of the partisans. Nothing is whitewashed or heroized: Documented are destroyed vehicles, victims of friend and foe, the rescue and care of wounded and the funeral of the fallen. The pictures are intended to show the true face of the everyday life of war in the Balkans - the fallen to honor, the survivor to the memory, the followers to the admonition.


240 p., Many b / w. Fig. U. colored cards, geb. in Atlas large format.

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