Der vergessene Soldat - Buch

Der vergessene Soldat - Buch
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Der vergessene Soldat - Buch

German Book Version of Guy Sajer! The forgotten Soldier!

"I will try to adequately describe the abyss of human perversion and express what I could never have imagined that would have seemed impossible if I had not experienced it ..." Born in Alsace, the son of a French father and a German mother, Sajer was seventeen years old when, in 1942, he was dragged into the Maelstrom of World War II. He then found language earlier than others and left a document that remains unique to this day, as close to the horror of war and the helplessness with which the individual soldier faces his all-rolling drum as the simple juxtaposition of words allows. Seems to the boy friends, Sajer and Halls, in the beginning everything still like a big adventure, they bring famine, coldness, fear and the unleashed violence of the war in Kursk, Kharkov and Bjelgorod soon on the ground of the facts back. But this war has already taken her completely and there is no going back. The eastern leaflet is beginning to turn, and German soldiers in Russia are entering a tough, hard-fought and retreating retreat, leading friends across Romania and Poland to Memel on the Baltic, where they are witnessing the bloody inferno of destruction. In the end, the deeply human of the great suffering remains as something greater and more resonant even than the documentation of time and war. Sajer brings this out of his memory to the light, and we do not want to know what an immense effort that may have cost him. "The forgotten soldier" was with his appearance in 1967 immediately a world hit. Translated into more than thirty languages, the book has sold over three million copies.


Paperback: 483 pages


Language: German


Size: 14,9 x 4 x 22,6 cm

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